Rosemount Model 3051TA Absolute Pressure Transmitter

Example Model Number: 3051TA 1 A 2A 2 1 A B4
Pressure Range
Transmitter Output
Process Connection
Isolating Diaphragm
Fill Fluid
Integral Mount Manifold Option
Diaphragm Seal Assembly
Mounting Bracket
Options Q4 --- Calibration Data Sheet
Q8 --- Material Traceability Certification per EN 10204 3.1.B
QP --- Calibration certification and tamper evident seal
QS --- Quality Certification for Safety
J1 --- Local Zero Adjustment Only
J3 --- No Local Zero or Span Adjustment
M5 --- LCD display for Aluminum Housing (Housing Codes A, B, C and D only)
M6 --- LCD display for SST Housing (Housing CodesJ, K, L and M)
T1 --- Transient Protection Terminal Block
C1 --- Custom Software Configuration
C2 --- 0.8-3.2 V dc Output with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol
C4 --- Analog Output Levels Compliant with NAMUR Recommendation NE43, 27-June-1996
CN --- Analog Output Levels Compliant with NAMUR Recommendation NE43, 27-June-1996: Alarm Configuration-Low
P1 --- Hydrostatic Testing
P2 --- Cleaning for Special Service
P3 --- Cleaning for <1 PPM Chlorine/Fluorine
V5 --- External Ground Screw Assembly